APRIL 17, 2015                                 Volume XXVI No.42                       by Nick Muskovac

GREETINGS: Central Florida Chapter Members,




Our next meeting will be a photo outing at Gatorland on Friday morning, April 24 at 7:30AM.  We will be able to start photographing before the park officially opens to the public at 10:00AM.  The price of admission is $20.00.  Let’s plan to meet in the south parking lot at 7:25 on the dot.  We will pay and enter at the south gate, not the main gate.  After our morning shoot, we will gather for lunch and our annual meeting at Ruby Tuesday’s at 13145 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837 at 11:00.
If you want to reenter Gatorland after lunch, you can do so at no additional charge.
I need to know if you plan to attend so that I can advise Gatorland of how many of us will be there.  I will also have to make a reservation for lunch.  Please send an email to me at: jimpmahoney@hotmail.com

Jim Mahoney, APSA, EPSA, Chairman


The images for our Central Florida Chapter Showcase have been selected. They are shown here in a self running slide show.
We thank the members who contributed.
This year our Chapter was chosen to judge the PSA Chapters Showcase; so our images will not be judged and will only be used in the show.

Nick Muskovac


To the Florida Central Chapter members,

It is important for our chapter to grow. Two things need to happen, new blood in the Chapter, ,interesting photo outings and programs. To accomplish that total goal we arranged a diverse shoot to be completed over a ten day period. Twelve PSA members participated, including five guests. The participants chose to shoot the venues that interested them. Some shot for two or three days others for six days, Lynn Thompson and I did the whole ten days. This gathering was responsible for two new members, Elena McTighe, FPSA and Lynn Thompson, FPSA. The group met new friends, discussed photo tips and enjoyed many good meals together and many photographed areas seen for the first time. From the initial input this experience was enjoyed by all.
Respectfully submitted,

Erik Rosengren, APSA, PPSA
Program Committee Chairman





As a Chapter member, you can now have a personal gallery on the PSA website that is linked to our Chapter’s main page.

To create a gallery, you are asked to furnish three things; a portrait of yourself, a biography of approximately 250 words (don’t be modest) and six images.  The portrait and images should be sized at a maximum 1024 pixels horizontally and 768 pixels vertically.  These items will be used to create your gallery page.  These pages should be kept fresh by changing photos every three months.

Setting up the galleries is easy.  Go to: www.psa-photo.org/member-galleries/get-chapter-member-entry.php     Once there, you can upload your images and type your biography.

The system to do this is already in place and galleries can be set up now.  Please allow two days for the galleries to be posted from the time that they are submitted.

Jim Mahoney, Chairman


Our page on the PSA website now includes a Bulletin Board.  We can now post Chapter events and events of interest to our members.  If you have information that you want posted, please email  Jim Mahoney at:  jimpmahoney@hotmail.com

Jim Mahoney, Chairman


Also, please be sure to send your $8 check for dues for the 2014/2015 year made out to the PSA to Rosalie Mahoney, 4305 Enfield Ct. Palm Harbor, FL  34685.

Have a great shoot and day,
Ann Browne
Membership for the 
PSA Central Florida Chapter
email: psa_centflchap@ymail.com










Yours truly, and Chapter Webmaster has written a book.

Title: “PIXEL MAGIC”   122 pages, 8x10 inch Soft Cover, $29.00 list price.

How to make creative Electronic Images on the computer.

Available for sale on Amazon.com

Keywords: Muskovac

                   Pixel Magic

Owners of the book will have access to over 50 selected images used in the book, for their own personal use.  Images are on a white screen background for easy extraction to an alpha channel.

Images will be available on the Author’s website at a designated URL, shown in the book.

If you purchase the book, I would appreciate if you would give the book a review on the Amazon.com web site.

Nick Muskovac


Nick Muskovac, FPSA, MPSA, Chapter Webmaster

EMAIL: nmuskovac@gmail.com